August updates

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is September already! August definitely flew by, thanks to traveling and working and applying for jobs, which is practically a full-time job by itself. I’ve spent my free time eating all of the stone fruit I can get my hands on and loving the fact that I live a block from the beach, even though every time I go walking there I compulsively take off my shoes and then get sand everywhere. Worth it.

The key milestones:

  • I quit my baking job to look for something more savory-oriented. I still LOVE to bake and miss the constant supply of freshly baked bread (not to mention donuts!), but I felt in a bit of a rut. Since my long-term goals are more about food science than about working in the restaurant industry, I want to be more comfortable in all areas of the kitchen. I need to be well-rounded, and right now I feel like the opposite of that. Oblong? I feel too oblong.

Kites in Gasworks Park (Seattle)

  • I went home! Living so far away from my family and high school friends can be pretty rough, so I took advantage of being between jobs to fly home and see all of them. The itinerary included long drives through scenic (read: deserted) southern Washington and some much-needed time with my grandma. I also attempted the running loop along the shore of the Willamette River that I used during marathon training several summers ago, which led to the unsurprising conclusion that I shouldn’t try to double my mileage without any warning. This painful realization came, of course, while I was still many miles from home. At least the walk back was nice…

Me and Lindsey

  • I got a new job at an awesome restaurant and am learning to be a line cook. We have a garden on the roof and a resident farmer (she’s great!) and all sorts of interesting new ingredients to play with. I’m still learning the ins and outs of working a line, especially mastering the timing of it all, and it’s really fun to have a new challenge. If you’re in Chicago, come visit!

Hope you’re enjoying the last bit of summer!