When heavy cream lightens

I’ve eaten an incredible amount of chocolate pudding in the last week and a half. There were the initial tests, then the one that turned grainy overnight, the one that was way too thick, and the one that my moving buddy convinced me to make after packing all of my possessions into boxes. It’s hard to convince people that I live a rough life.

When heavy cream lightens | fchem101.com

The chocolate pudding layer of this year’s Pi Day pie delivers all of the richness and chocolate-y oomph that I could ever want, but I found myself dreaming of mousse during the early batches. I didn’t want to go all the way down that road, but it showcases a really interesting way to lighten a heavy dessert–fold in something that is already full of air.

We mix in some heavy cream in liquid form, which adds yummy fat and milk flavor but doesn’t do much in the way of lightness. By pre-whipping the other half of the cream, we add not only the cream itself but also all of the air that the whipped peaks hold in their delicate structure. Just a little whipped cream folded in at the end increases volume, creates a lighter texture, and makes the whole thing that much more irresistible.

Now I want to fold whipped cream into everything. That’s fine, right?