April updates

Two months ago I took an incredible new job. Last month I drove a moving truck halfway across the country and bought furniture like a grown-up. This month… um, how interested are you in my new running routes?

The craziness of major life changes has mostly died down, which may make for a less exciting blog post but also does wonders for my sanity. The list of destinations that I can find without needing google maps to navigate for me continues to grow, as long as we count grocery stores as “destinations” (I definitely do). I hung some pictures on my wall and realized that I have three categories of wall hangings: photos of family and friends, quirky art from the Portland Saturday Market involving bikes in some form, and embroidered fruits and vegetables. Wait, is that last one not normal? Because I love it.

April updates | fchem101.com

Speaking of bikes, I had a pretty excellent adventure involving a 50-mile bike ride to Worcester. Armed with plenty of snacks, an endless loop of podcasts, and directions taped to my handlebars, I set off into the wilds of Massachusetts. Okay, more like the highways of Massachusetts. I spend a lot of time on my bike, but it’s been a while since I just took off riding for its own sake. I love bike adventures—everything goes by slowly enough that you can really look and appreciate the charming little vineyard, the imposing dam, and, of course, the endless hills. Also you definitely deserve an ice cream break in the middle. When I finally made it to Worcester, my legs had decided that I hated them and my arms had an awkwardly diagonal sunburn line, but I felt amazing.

April updates | fchem101.com

We can blame part of my boring life on work, which essentially sucks me in on Monday morning and spits me back out Friday night, blinking and slightly dazed. It varies between the kind of busy that leads me to make an overly-optimistic to-do list but still end the day feeling accomplished and the kind of busy that makes me step outside for deep breaths as the panic starts to set in. I’m leading a couple of projects, which means that I get to have lots of fun experimenting on new things but also means that looming deadlines of client meetings require late nights and occasionally spark kitchen nightmares. Ah, the joys of start-ups.

Have a great month, and welcome to summer!